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Easy to prepare

Ready in 10 minutes

Put the glass bottle in a pan with water and warm up according to the instruction. This melts the chocolate. Within 10 minutes you have the chocolate sauce that many a chef would envy. No rumbling and hassle, no washing, but a great tasting chocolate sauce.


  • Place the closed bottle in the pan
  • Fill the pan with lukewarm water to the middle of the bottle
  • Open the bottle, do not allow water in the bottle
  • Heat the water slowly, do not let the water boil
  • The melting takes about 10 minutes
  • Stir the chocolate occasionally with a long spoon
  • Hold the bottle when stirring so it can not fall into the water
  • Turn off the heat when chocolate has completely melted
  • Remove the bottle from the pan by holding it by the neck
  • Dry the bottle